"Ocular Beauty" – Zuniga Optical featured in Napa Valley Life Magazine

Napa Valley Life Magazine

In a valley abounding in opulence, beauty is all around. An inspired canvas full of allure and style gives way to artistic expression. For Zuniga Optical, luxury eye care located on Napa’s esteemed riverfront radiates stylish elegance. “I really love what I do,” expressed Founder Esther Zuniga. “Beautiful eyewear looks amazing and feels amazing. It’s a piece of jewelry, an investment.”

For 16 years, Esther  Zuniga  has  been an optician in Napa’s  Zuniga is sharing her years of experience through   form and function. Offering a selection of brands and styles, Zuniga Optical provides customers with a personalized experience from classic to modern. “I wanted to bring something different to the Napa Valley. Most of the brands I carry, you cannot find here. However, we also have conventional brand selections as well as designer line exclusives that include Jacque Marie Mage, Oliver Goldsmith, and Celine, to name a few,” said Zuniga. READ MORE


Article By: Valerie Owens

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